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Melissa And Doug Cowgirl Puppet

Melissa And Doug Cowgirl Puppet

Your small child is going to take the Melissa And Doug Cowgirl Puppet brought to you by Melissa & Doug just about everywhere. I actually liked that the puppet has the feature of cowgirl wears an authentic cowboy hat and very stylish western fringed white and pink shirt. The barcode for this item is 000772025577. It's 15.5" Height x 5" Length x 9.5" Width. It weighs something like 0.7 lbs. The hand puppet comes with a warranty of 0 7 by the manufacturer. To order the product now at the best price, visit our partners via the add to cart button on this site.

Melissa & Doug

Model: 2557
UPS: 000772025577
Package Quantity: 1

Yeehaw! Sally Sidesaddle is ready to jump into the rodeo action! Detachable rod is suitable for lefties or righties! Use 1 hand to manipulate the puppet's mouth and facial expressions while gesturing with the removable wooden rod with the other.


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